Customer Testimonials

We always strive to provide our customers with a helpful, friendly service. Here are just some of the many comments that we’ve received. Please feel free to Contact Us with any comments of your own.

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about MIRAJ since late 2007, when we first started a customer comment signing book. These are candid and largely unedited comments. They express both satisfaction and sometimes suggestions about different real-life customer experience at MIRAJ.

“VERY SMILEY AND FRIENDLY STAFF .. Laptop repair” also “I experienced astonishingly good customer service from Miraj”

Ms. E – May 2009 …Longest comment!..thanks you.

 “Thanks again for repairing my laptop: I am VERY grateful.”.. Ms. E – Oct 2011

 “Excellent service. All staff are very willing to go above and beyond their duties-Thanks for all your help”  Troy and Skye – 2009 Feb

 “This Internet cafe is awesome, you can always pop in for a milkshake and the service is brilliant. Nice reception with them.. the best. Keep it up guys, you are doing a good job”  Mohammed – 2009 Feb

 “Chris you are the best. You fixed my laptop in record time.I am extreemly pleased” Ibby – 2009 Feb

 “Chris is the best.Excellent and very professional service. I had my computer repaired withing 5 hours (hard disk installation and fresh operating system installation) M. Borocosh -2009 Feb

 “I am very happy with the quality of service and the friendly way of the staff- Be blessed”  Jean – 2009 Jan

” EXCELLENT !”  Twins – 2009 Jan

 “Really fast service. I am very impressed. My laptop is as good as new” Ahmad – 2009 jan

( had Sony laptop infected badly with viruses. data recovery and fresh installation of Win XP)

 ” Very friendly atmosphere, very helpful and relaxing environment”  michola Jones   – 2008 Oct

  ” needs a café with hot food plzz. Javed & Zaf are greatest”  john gora   –  2008 Aug

 ” excellent service and reasonable prices.  Love their place”  Palma   –  2008 Aug

 “staff is helpful and friendly.  Fast speed and good service”  M. munir -2008 July

      ” it is sad that we are no longer neighbours! But I will still came in and say hello.  Bye bye…”  Paula (From Fun ‘n’ Frolic) – 2008 Aug

 “fab service, friendly staff, low prices.  Keep it up!”  chaz   –  2008 June

 ” fabulous service.zafaf is cool-helpful.”  Candice – 2008 Aug

  ” the best hot chocolate in town.  Come and try it yourself!”  Tess – 2008 may

” very nice.  Will come back.”  Robert – 2008 may

                      ” I really enjoyed the friendly service provided at miraj Internet.  Thanks”    Nadia – 2008 Apri

                     “perfect service.  Are the zarfar, Chris, and Javed daddies?”   John – 2008 April

  ” thanks very much!”  Rupel – 2008 April

“the best Internet café in reading”  M.Taylor (Coley Park)  – 2008 April

  ” I really like the pcs and the price is good aswell.”  Laura Powell- 2008 Feb

 ” I wish to thank Chris for his kind support in helping me print a very important work.”  S.Turner – 2008 Feb

 “very good service, they help in anyway.”  Agy – 2008 Jan