Dangers of CHEAP Laptop Chargers

The Dangers of buying Cheap Chargers

There are many chargers on the market, but its not always good to go for the cheapest one you find. Many of the cheap chargers are of a very poor quality with no shielding and only last few Months and can damage your laptop.  Normally the Cheap chargers are very light and feel hollow.

Charger types If you lose power on your laptop that means that your laptop charger could be faulty or incompatible with your laptop or the power socket is broken or loose. Although there are many different laptop makes and models they all use similar chargers using different variations of connectors. It is very important to use the correct charger for your laptop to prevent physical damage, battery problems or even more serious faults.



A few basic rules to follow when selecting a charger for your laptop.The most important thing to remember is that you need to match the output voltage that your laptop requires. This is written at the bottom label of the laptop itself. If it requires 15V any charger that outputs 15V or even 16V will work fine.For 19V any charger that is 19V or 20V will work fine. so the chargers output Voltage must equal or be slightly higher than the recommended voltage for the laptop.Charger types


The next parameter of the charger is the current it can provide. For example if your laptop requires 3.14A anything more than 2A will charge the battery fine. The current defines how quickly the charger can charge the battery. For example a 5A charger will charge a battery in 2 hours where a 3.14A will need 3 hours to complete the charge.


One more thing to remember is that the current required by your laptop should not be more than 2A than your charger can output. for example if your laptop requires 6A you shouldn’t use a charger that is less than 4A.

Simple safety checks for laptop power supplies


Don’t get caught out with poor quality laptop power supply units. This video shows you some very simple checks to make sure that the product is not dangerous. Please note that these is basic checks and in no way confirms that the product is 100% safe.