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The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about MIRAJ since late 2007, when we started a customer comment signing book. These are candid and largely unedited comments. They express both satisfaction and sometimes suggestions about different real-life customer experience at MIRAJ.

VERY SMILEY AND FRIENDLY STAFF .. Laptop repair” – Ms. E – May 2009 …Longest comment!..thanks you.

I decided to have my testimonial recorded because I experienced astonishingly good customer service from Miraj. I have been a customer about 2.5 years and got to know Zafar, Javed and Chris. All three have always shown a lot of patience to explain and sort out any of my computer queries. I am not knowledgeable in this domain and was often panicky.

My laptop (a Toshiba) was collecting dust for about 5 years because I could not find a reliable repair shop, that I could trust (faults included a cracked screen, faulty frozen optical drive, viruses). I could not discard it as it was a sentimental value, as often advised by various well intentioned people”. When I found out that Miraj was also doing repairs on laptops and after various enquiries I decided that I will go ahead with the repair.

Despite a Bank holiday it took under 3 weeks, I was very satisfied with the end results but astonishingly satisfied with the after care service! Chris, you are so patient and understanding: you took about 2 hours to go through the various repairs completed by you on my laptop. To explain them to me plus give me a lift home (I had a lot of shopping) two days later I came back to the shop, panicky (usual me!!) as I noticed various “things” not “totally right” with my laptop (software installed/ display/ games not playing) you came back from home to sort out my queries, and this, at short notice!!! Again, it turned out to be nothing to worry about, and it was over-reaction on my part!

THANK YOU, Thank you Chris, but also Zafar and Javed -Thank you

Handwritten Original from our Customer Comment Book.

Customer Testimonial ORIGINAL
Customer Testimonial ORIGINAL