How Secure is your Password

Top 10 Security Tips When using a debit card, run it as a credit card Don’t click the “unsubscribe” link on your spam emails Use a different password for each secure site and change it often Strengthen your passwords Don’t leave desktops or laptops unattended Password-protect mobile phones and tablets Don’t fall for phishing scams… Continue reading How Secure is your Password

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Dust, heat are a computer’s worst enemy

Cleaning the inside of the computer is a long tedious process and can take several hours if done properly. This is definitely a job that should be left to your computer professionals. Cleaning out the dust from your computer should be done at least annually, and if your computer sets on a carpeted floor, every six months is recommended.

Gaming Industry Breaks Gender Barriers in Pakistan

In a country where women’s rights are often ignored, Pakistan’s young gaming industry is breaking gender barriers. Sharon Behn talks to two start-up companies where young men and women work side-by-side to reap some of the benefits of the billion-dollar international industry.   ABOVE video was Embedded Video below. (This was embedded using Format STANDARD… Continue reading Gaming Industry Breaks Gender Barriers in Pakistan

Miraj Technician doing a strip-down

A saucy video of Miraj Technician, Chris, doing a complete strip-down! The Problem: Sony Vaio Laptop with spillage that causes the LEFT mouse-pad button to become rather sticky resulting in intermittent functionality. The fault finding Diagnostics involved a complete strip-down…of the Laptop!

‘Look Up’ is a Video EVERYONE Needs To See

For The First Time In My Life, I’m Speechless. “This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut”… This is one of the most vital messages that everyone needs to hear. Look Up is a spoken word for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by… Continue reading ‘Look Up’ is a Video EVERYONE Needs To See